New Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC-2300

Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC-2300 (also spelled haematology analysers in British English) are used to count and identify blood cells at high speed and accuracy. During the 1950s, laboratory technicians counted each individual blood cell underneath a microscope.Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC-2300 Tedious and inconsistent, this was replaced with the first, very basic hematology analyzer, engineered by Wallace H. Coulter. The early hematology analyzers relied on Coulter's Principle (see Coulter counter). However, they have evolved to encompass numerous techniques.

Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC-2300 are used to conduct a complete blood count (CBC), which is usually the first test requested by physicians to determine a patients general health status.A complete blood count includes red corpuscle (RBC), white blood cell (WBC),Mindray medical specialty analyser BC-2300 haemoglobin, and protoplasm counts, similarly as hematocrit levels. different analyses include:

  • RBC distribution width
  • Mean somatic cell volume
  • Mean corpuscular hemoglobin
  • Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentrations
  • WBC differential count in proportion and absolute value
  • Platelet distribution width
  • Platelet mean volume
  • Large platelet cell ratio
  • Platelet criteria

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Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC-2300

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