Medical Oxygen

Medical Oxygen

Medical Oxygen conjointly called supplemental oxygen, is that the use of oxygen as a medical treatment.This will embrace for low blood oxygen, monoxide toxicity, cluster headaches, and to keep up enough oxygen whereas inhaled anesthetics are given.Long-term oxygen is commonly helpful in individuals with inveterately low oxygen akin to from severe COPD or cystic fibrosis. O 8|chemical element|element|gas} is given in a very number of how as well as nasal cannula, face mask, and within a hyperbaric chamber. Oxygen is needed for traditional cell metabolism. to a fault high concentrations can cause gas toxicity akin to respiratory organ harm or lead to metabolic process failure in those that are predisposed.[ Higher oxygen concentrations also increase the danger of fires, significantly whereas smoking, and while not humidification can even dry out the nose.[1] The target oxygen saturation suggested depends on the condition being treated.In most conditions a saturation of 94–96% is recommended, while in those in danger of dioxide retention saturations of 88–92% are preferred, and in those with monoxide toxicity or cardiopulmonary arrest they ought to be as high as possible. Air is usually 21% gas by volume whereas oxygen medical aid will increase this by some quantity up to 100%.

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Medical Oxygen Concentrator

An Medical oxygen concentrator, also called an oxygen generator, is a device used to provide oxygen..

৳45,000.00 Ex Tax: ৳45,000.00

Actual Time 6L Adjustable smart Oxygen Generator

A Actual Time 6L Adjustable good atomic number 8 Generator (POC) could be a device wont to give oxyg..

৳55,000.00 Ex Tax: ৳55,000.00

Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator 6L 220V 115W

Adjustable O Concentrator 6L 220V 115W are medical devices that assist those that have a coffee leve..

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China Oxygen Cylinder New

China Oxygen Cylinder

China element Cylinder are wont to store gas for: medical respiratory at medical facilities and rec..

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DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator

DEDAKJ DDT-2A atomic number 8 Concentrator  delivers Associate in Nursing flow of air that rang..

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Islam oxygen cylinder New

Islam oxygen cylinder

ColorColorlessPackaging TypeCylinderCylinder FinishingGalvanised,Powder CoatedOdourOdourlessProduct ..

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linde oxygen cylinder New

linde oxygen cylinder

medical respiration at medical facilities and at homelinde atomic number 8 cylinder breathing at al..

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Medical Oxygen Concentrator Owgels

Specifications 1 LPM-5 LPM- Oxygen Concentration 93% (+3%, -3%)- Voltage AC220V/50Hz Power Consumpti..

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Medical Oxygen Cylinder

Medical Oxygen  Cylinder Medical Oxygen Cylinder DetailsCylinder Capacity: 1,500 litres On..

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Oxygen Cylinder Rent

Covid home service is provided to Covid-19 patients .Emergency Oxygen Home Services We are providing..

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Portable Nebulizer GKA New Family

GKA New Family Portable Nebulizer is one of easy usable best Family Portable Nebulizer&nbs..

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Portable Nebulizer Machine GKA Aero Plus

GKA Aero Plus Portable Nebulizer Machine is one of the best Nebulizer machines availa..

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portable oxygen cylinder price in bd New

portable oxygen cylinder price in bd

You may need oxygen support at any time. We are ready to provide this service to you 24/7.Oxygen cyl..

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Portable Oxygen Swag Bar

The Portable Oxygen Swag Bar firm began with the creative Associate in Nursingd discerning of creat..

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Rent Oxygen Cylinder Monthly New

Rent Oxygen Cylinder Monthly

An Rent Oxygen Cylinder Monthly is an oxygen storage vessel, which is either held under pressure in ..

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