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medical respiration at medical facilities and at homelinde atomic number 8 cylinder breathing at altitude during aviation, either in a decompression emergency, or perpetually (as in unpressurized aircraft) oxygen aid kits oxygen therapylinde atomic number 8 cylinder gas blending, for making diving respiration mixes love nitrox, trimix and heliox open-circuit breathing apparatus sets - in the main used for accelerated decompression in technical diving some forms of diving rebreather: atomic number 8 rebreathers and totally electric circuit rebreathers use in climbing, "Bottled oxygen" refers to oxygen tanks for mountaineeringlinde oxygen cylinder industrial processes, as well as the manufacture of steel and monel oxyacetylene fastening equipment, glass lampworking torches, and a few gas cutting torches use as liquid rocket propellants for rocket engines athletes, specifically on American football sidelines, to expedite recovery once exertion. Breathing atomic number 8 is delivered from the vessel to users by use of the subsequent methods: oxygen mask, nasal cannula, full face diving mask, diving helmet, demand valve, oxygen rebreather, inbuilt respiration system (BIBS), oxygen tent, and hyperbaric oxygen oxygen cylinder Contrary to common belief breathing apparatus different terribly seldom carry atomic number 8 tanks. The overwhelming majority of divers breathe air or nitrox keep during a diving cylinder. alittle minority breathe trimix, heliox or different exotic gases. a number of these could carry pure oxygen for accelerated decompression or as a element of a rebreather. Some shallow divers, notably service divers, use oxygen rebreathers or have done therefore oxygen cylinder.

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linde oxygen cylinder

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